Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Johann Straus Ball (Feb. ’13)

Attending a traditional ball in one of the grand venues in Vienna is something one should do at least once in their life. If you are interested in the heritage and culture of imperial Europe, an event like this will transform you to a completely different time and place. The Viennese annual ball calendar is pretty full, with several balls happening at several beautiful locations, and the Johann Strauss ball is one of the truly legendary balls that take place in the city. 

The ball happens at an historic building, the Kursalon Wien, where Johann, Eduard and Josef Strauss actually happened to enjoy and celebrate their dance compositions and operettas. The annual ball is held to continue and celebrate this legacy. The experience of spending an evening in this fabled building is truly something else. 

If, like most of the population, you are not an expert ball room dancer, there is no cause to worry. The ball is an event open to all, and is meant for us to enjoy the atmosphere and have a good time. One doesn’t necessarily have to dance at the ball, although then, the question of why one would attend a ball without any desire to dance does arise! Anyway, the night includes an expert led ball room dance workshop, for those who want to have a go at learning from a professional. Some other attractions include a midnight quadrille, and a midnight spectacle to end this magical night. 

The ball is set to take place on Saturday the 9th of February this year, and if past events are anything to go by, will start with an absolute bang! The night usually starts at 6 pm, and of course it’s important to show up on time. Not least because of how amazing the opening show usually is. There is live orchestra music, which includes contemporary pieces as well as iconic and older compositions. There are different ticket tiers that include different things. You can find more information and even the menu at: http://www.soundofvienna.at/sound/48.0.html?&L=2