Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Try the Nordkettenbahnen – the Cable Railway


One of the most captivating things about Innsbruck is the contrasts that make it what it is today. There are sweepingly dramatic mountain landscapes, coupled with appealing shopping areas, classic history and a delectable range of coffee shops and restaurants to welcome you in. There is little not to love about it, for sure.

But now there is one additional thing to love, thanks to the Nordkettenbahnen, otherwise known as the cable railway. The railway operates every fifteen minutes, and whatever you may be doing in Innsbruck you should make the time to catch a cable car from there to be taken up the mountain. You’ll travel nearby 1700 metres upwards en route to your mountainous destination, giving you plenty of opportunity to get the camera out to mark the moment.

If you thought there were plenty of photo opportunities in Innsbruck itself, you’ll be met with plenty more as you head up the mountain and rise above the city. Regardless of the time of year you choose to make this journey, you’ll be amazed at the views that unfold above and below you as you creep up the mountain.

The views are stunning when there are blankets of snow settling down below and all around you, but even when the blanket is green with foliage during the summer, it looks quite remarkable. If you are lucky enough to visit during both seasons, you’ve a real treat in store as you witness both landscapes.