Monday, January 14, 2013

Exploring the Kaufhaus Tyrol shopping mall in Innsbruck

Kaufhaus Tyrol is a new modern shopping mall in Innsbruck Austria

There are many reasons to visit Innsbruck, so you don’t really need another one. But just in case you’re not quite sold on the idea of heading to the most charming and vibrant part of the Tyrol, here’s one that might tip the odds.

The Kaufhaus Tyrol is a huge shopping space that is simultaneously appealing, enthralling and very welcoming indeed. Austria in general is known for its coffee shops, resplendent as they are not just with coffee but with traditional Austrian treats and sweets. If you’re likely to shop until you drop, there are plenty of well situated venues to sit down in for a drink and a bite to eat until you get the feeling back in your feet!

One of the best things about Kaufhaus Tyrol is the incredibly welcoming feeling you get as soon as you walk along its streets. The downtown area offers a whole range of shops to cater for every need, all the while sharing space with those delectable cafes and establishments offering parasols, comfy chairs and tables to relax at. If you love nothing better than to watch the world go by, you can watch this particular part of the Tyrol more closely than ever thanks to the well planned area that is the Kaufhaus Tyrol in Innsbruck.

There are many reasons to love Innsbruck, not just to visit it. The newly reopened Kaufhaus Tyrol represents just another reason why this should be added to your (long) list of things to do in the area. 

See some pictures on their Facebook page here or contact each shop individually here .