Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck

You’ll need a head for heights to make the most of Bergisel, the location of Innsbruck’s famous ski jump – not to mention the panoramic restaurant Cafe im Turm that awaits you at the top. You may not want to throw yourself down the ski jump with a couple of skis strapped to your feet, but it’s still worth getting an idea of how brave (or mad) the skiers are who’ve done it before.

Of course one of the highlights of visiting Bergisel is enjoying a meal in the restaurant, which enjoys a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. I think you’ll agree Innsbruck has never looked as stunning as it does from this height. You can tuck into one of four tasty breakfasts (look out for the signature Bergisel breakfast, complete with a glass of prosecco), or opt for a full three course lunch. That’s just perfect if you want to enjoy that view for a while longer. With the likes of smoked trout, steak sandwiches and iced coffee with cream to look forward to this is a day out that provides a real assault on all the senses. With Innsbruck laid out below, you’ll want to take a long lingering look over everything that comes with a visit to the Bergisel ski jump.