Friday, January 11, 2013

Bio Hotel Stanglwirt - Review

suite in Stanglwirt bio hotel

Are you looking for an eco-friendly hotel where you can both relax and replenish your soul? Bio Hotel Stanglwirt may just be the place you are looking for!

This hotel is certainly impressive and everyone who visits there can really give full marks for its services. The hotel was designed not only to give its patrons a relaxing environment but also to aid in the conservation of the ecosystem. All suites, rooms and furnitures of this hotel are made of Austrian wood and natural materials. When we walk into its elegantly designed carpets, we were told that it is made of pure wool. The furnishings, towels and linens are also made from 100% cotton.

Ecotourism has just started a few years ago, but here in Bio Hotel Stanglwirt, the principle of preserving nature has always been their aspiration. They have aspired for a hallowed green tag and strived to do their best to integrate sustainable practices in all their services. Take a look at how they mix nature with excellent services.

The food

After a long day of roaming around, we get so tired and hungry that we went into one of their six innovative restaurants. We went to Stangl-Alm restaurant. The experience of dining at an open fireplace while listening to classical music in the background is not only romantic but a once in a lifetime experience. We were so amazed when told that the menu in there can be expanded to suit our needs for delectable dishes. What is more astounding is that the food in all of their restaurants mostly came from the products of their local farms.

The rest of the restaurant offers a different ambience that will surely suit the mood of different individuals. You can choose to dine as close to the cows; in a cozy lounge with an open fire, in the rustic inn, or in a place with breathtaking views of the countryside.

Sanctuary of energy

What makes this hotel unique among other hotels in Austria is that it offers energy centers. The management continues to acknowledge that water, earth, fire, and air are creative powers of nature that gives energy to every human being.

While staying at the hotel, we took a bath in their bathing lake and we were able to sense the power of nature, allowing us to be more vigorous and lively. We also trek along their curtain waterfall and mountain stream. It is there that we experience Gods power in the air.

The hotel also uses an environmentally-friendly heating system that uses the rind waste of the surrounding saw mills and it has been providing comfort and heat to the entire complex since 1980! To help individuals get closer to nature and the animals, the management of the hotel also offers equestrian training to interested individuals at an affordable cost. They also offer farm intended for children. As you can see, we are living in a highly-techie world that children no longer experience the real beauty of nature. At the Bio Hotel Stanglwirt, children will come to realize that there is more to life than video and computer games, dolls, and gadgets.

Since the surroundings of the hotels are conserved and protected, guests can actually hike, climb, hunt, run and horse-ride around and savor the fresh air that nature has to offer. We have tried all these natural activities and the most rewarding is the horseback riding. While roaming around the greeneries of the natural world, we can hear the sound of nature &birds; the crackling sound of the leaves of the trees, the crunching of the grass, the smooth breeze of the wind on our face, chirping of birds & ducks; these are all nothing but refreshing and tonic

Rooms and suites

The hotel also offers excellent accommodations that are perfect for the taste of individuals. We have tried their small Stammhaus room that is spacious enough for us to unwind on a beautiful evening. It has double rooms with hot and cold shower, direct dial telephone, mostly with balcony or terrace, mini-bar, flat screen TV, and internet/wi-fi connections. They also offer superb quality HD movies and TV channels.

The luxurious room has a good, firm mattress with a choice of small to extra large pillows. It also has large comfortable chairs. It has a large closet with a vanity big enough to set a few things on. It also has a big magnifying mirror and good lightings.

What we found remarkable is the hotel offers lower rates compared to other hotels of almost the same services. Then we were told that one reason that the eco-friendly hotels can afford to offer comparatively lower room rates is because of the savings they notch up in their operating costs.

Relaxing spa treatments

At the hotel, we cannot help but try their spa treatment. One of which is the Thalasso treatment. It is a combination of local spring water with imported French sea water, that are known to improve circulation, and seaweed wraps continue the Thalasso theme. The therapy really offered a relaxing and tranquil feeling that looks like all the negative energies in our body are gone.

The Biohotel Stanglwirt has its own Ayurveda yoga specialist so that its guest can experience soothing treatment that only the hotel can offer. Treatments include massages for mums-to-be and a profi-lift power massage, a type of yoga for the face.


The hotel offers 175 spacious and lavish guest rooms and suites, pools, hot and wet areas, tennis courts, children's zoo, treatment rooms, state-of-the-art equipment;Fitness Garden&playground; (indoor 500m), driving range, and private golf school.

The hotel is something that the country can truly take pride in. I cannot even find the most fitting words to describe its relaxing and invigorating ambience. It is perfectly located in a beautiful area, it is magnificently sparkling and the staff is hospitable and friendly. Its facilities are state-of-the-art and truly perfect for nature lovers. Its food is mouth-watering. Overall, it offers services that are unique and distinctive.


Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt
Kaiserweg 1
A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser