Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Most Luxurious Wine Hotels in Vienna

Do you appreciate top quality wine, gourmet meals and a lovely picturesque view? Well, come and visit Vienna's most luxurious and relaxing wine hotels! Discover the breathtaking countryside around Vienna with the most charming villages you have ever seen.  Explore this rich wine region and let your body relax and experience great wine in style!

wine tasting vienna

Losium Wine & Spa Resorts

This amazing resort is located in the Langenlois vineyards only a 50 minute drive from Vienna. It is the perfect hotel and spa retreat for wine-lovers. Be sure to check out Losium Wine Experience tour that temps your senses through a riveting personal audio guide tour. Walk through a labyrinth wine cellar that goes back 900 years! Check out the Vineyard Restaurant in Langenlois for state of the art cuisine. Then rejuvenate yourself with a relaxing day at the spa, even indulge yourself to a rejuvenating message. Or, reveal in the beauty of the rolling southern Styrian landscape that is famous for its pumpkinseed oil, local delicacies and world-class wine.

Moslechners Bürgerhaus

This boutique hotel is located in the quaint romantic village of Rust in the Lake Neusiedi region.  This is a true safe haven that allows one to indulge in tranquility and style. Local wine and culinary delights are served by hosts Michael and Tina Mooslechner for a truly enjoyable experience.

Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design

Located in Vienna's 8th district this hotel is a true fusion of quality wine and modern design. Choose from their impressive wine list of 450 top Austrian wines or indulge in the mini-bars bestselling Austrian wine right from your room! Make your way up this historic building's terrace and marvel at the panoramic views of the city.

Hotel Schloss Duernstein

Hotel Schloss Duernstein
Truly one of the most strategic picturesque hotels located along the Danube River. This gem of a hotel is known for its renowned white wine, which they store in the hotel's cellar. Enjoy a delicious meal at the hotel's restaurant that offers a spectacular view of the entire Danube River, truly a sight to see!


Located on the highest peak of the Zieregg Vineyard and overlooking the Tement Vineyard, lie two newly renovated wine maker "Winzarei" exclusive apartments. With a stunning panoramic view of Styria's famous wine route that neighbors the Slovenian border. Indulge in the regions many local culinary delicatessens and tour the hotel's winery for the ultimate experience.