Saturday, February 2, 2013

Look Back into the Past at Stift Stams

Stift Stams Tyrol

Some sights in Austria are guaranteed to take your breath away. The sight of the monastery known as Stams Abbey (Stift Stams) is definitely one of them. It certainly doesn’t shy away from its surroundings, demanding to be seen and noted even against the backdrop of some of the Tyrol’s finest and highest mountains.

The building dates back to 1273 and now, more than 700 years later, visitors are invited to take a guided tour to find out more about its history. There is a famous distillery here too, giving visitors the opportunity to see where the fruits of the surrounding area end up. And yes, you can purchase a number of items from the nearby shop, including alcoholic drinks and cider vinegar.

It’s worth remembering this is still a working monastery and convent, and as such the monks here can be seen going about their usual business. They run the tours as well as working in the distillery and bakery, and they also take good care of the grounds. A visit to the abbey is definitely an experience you may not have had before; it is a fine way to get an insight into how life is lived in this part of the Tyrol – and has been for centuries.