Friday, November 23, 2012

Things Worth Knowing Regarding Duty Free and Money for Austria

Currency and Duty Free in Austria

Most people are aware Austria uses the Euro, available in seven denominations of banknotes. There are eight coins to use too. It’s worth keeping a credit card on you as you can pay in many shops, hotels and restaurants in the larger cities and towns. Some smaller establishments will also accept cards.

Make sure you carry cash as well though, particularly if you’re staying in a quieter part of Austria. Travellers Cheques can be useful too if you’d rather have another alternative. Once you arrive at your destination, find the local ATM so you’re not caught short of cash. The best bet is to have a number of ways to pay instead of relying on just one form of payment. And never be left without any cash in your pocket at all – you never know when you might need some.

If you’re thinking of taking some duty free back home with you, there are no restrictions for anyone living in the EU. There are certain limits imposed for people buying duty free and taking it back home to a non-EU country, so check and see what is applicable for your area. It’s always better to check rather than be charged duty on excess items.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Natterer See Holiday Resort

Exploring the Natterer See Holiday Resort

The best holiday means finding the best holiday resort to stay in. Innsbruck is a popular destination for many people in Austria, and if you’re focused on seeing that and other highlights of the country, head for the holiday resort at Natterer See.

The resort is perfect for camping but it also has rooms and apartments if you’re not the type to enjoy bedding down in a tent every night. There’s more than one place to find something to eat too, with the signature See Restaurant topping the list. They’ve also packed in a Pizzeria and there are plenty of spots to relax and eat your meals too. Look out for the pavilions if you’re after a romantic dinner with the one you love.

This is the type of holiday resort you could spend your whole break in, without ever stepping foot outside. But since you’re near the likes of Innsbruck, the Brenner Pass and some of the most charming surroundings in the whole of Austria, it’s worth getting out and about too. It’s just nice to know you’ve got somewhere warm and homely to go back to once you’ve done your exploring for the day. Don’t miss the superb options the Natterer See resort brings you

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sample Some Mouth Watering Food at Tschebull

Should you happen to be holidaying in the south of Austria, in or near Egg am Faaker See, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Tschebull Inn. It’s not often you come across a restaurant that’s been open since 1849, and this one certainly hasn’t fallen back on familiar and predictable recipes. Rather it has made a name for itself serving the best of yesterday with a modern loving touch – a rather nice combination, you’d think, and you’d be right.

Each dish is presented lovingly, carefully, and if you weren’t so eager to try what you’ve ordered you’d leave it sitting there and take a photo of it before digging in. Some of the delights to be found on the menu include duck liver parfait, meatloaf and luscious cream cake. They tend to love their duck dishes, and if you’ve never partaken of them before, now’s your chance to try the best.

There’s a certain love of the past here too – not surprising you might think given the long history of this place. It’s easy to order more than your stomach can take, and even easier to ensure you miss nothing. Just ask for a bag to take home whatever you can’t manage. They’ll be only too delighted you’re intending to sample everything they’ve served you.

Make no mistake: the Tschebull Inn has earned its place in the culinary circles of Austria for decades. You’ll be welcomed by the Tschemernjak family and you won’t want to leave. If you need accommodation in Austria, try out 

Restaurants contact details :

Familie Tschemernjak · Egger – Seeuferstrasse 26 · A – 9580 Egg am Faaker See
Tel: +43 (0) 4254 2191 · Fax: +43 (0) 4254 2191- 37 · Mail: ·