Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Perfect Day in Zell am See

Of all the many Austrian towns I have been lucky enough to venture to, Zell am See simply must rank as a personal favourite. This settlement is located alongside the gorgeously-idyllic Zeller Lake and offers its visitors pretty much everything they could ever want: from skiing during the chillier winter months, to a plethora of water-based activities on the lake during the balmy days of summer.

I have always made a point of travelling to Zell am See every time I am in the Tyrol or Salzburg regions – I love it that much! My last trip was in March, as the town was only just emerging from what was clearly a cold winter – as the lake was still pretty much frozen solidly. On previous visits during the summer, however, I noticed how this lake really comes to life with opportunities to enjoy swimming, sailing and even pleasant boat cruises. 

First and foremost, I decided it was time for a spot of lunch and knew exactly where I was heading for this: The Grand Hotel which enjoys a fantastic position right beside the lake. There really is nothing better than tucking into a good portion of strudel whilst you soak in the majestic mountainous views through the window.

Tummy full, heart glad, it was then time to enjoy some sightseeing in this popular tourist town. The quaint and quintessentially Austrian Old Town district of Zell am See simply must be explored on a visit to the town and this is where you can marvel at the awesome architecture and frescoes of these centuries-old buildings. If you find yourself in Zell am See, do yourself a favour and make sure you visit the Stadt Museum which is housed in the oldest building in the area: the Vogt Tower. 

There are also plenty of cafés, restaurants, bars and shops to keep everyone happy, and as a year-round resort, you can guarantee Zell am See will be ready to welcome you at any time.