Monday, February 11, 2013

Salzburg Airport

Okay, so Salzburg Airport may not exactly be the largest facility in the world, but this is something that only adds to the charm of using it. If you have flown from some of the biggest and busiest airports in the world, Salzburg Airport really will come as a less stressful bonus.

Despite the fact that Salzburg Airport is relatively small, it still offers its passengers absolutely everything they could possibly need. From duty free, to left luggage facilities, it is all on site for you. There are also a good number of shops and specialist boutiques for you to browse around and spend the last of your holiday money on souvenirs. 

For passengers looking for something to eat or drink, Salzburg Airport offers a few venues to choose between. The main eateries can be found as Airest Catering (where there is a very good choice of different world cuisines) and the Restaurant Ikarus. There are also other bars and venues serving lighter meals and snacks in the airport.

If you need to rely on the parking facilities at Salzburg Airport, the good news here is that there are no less than 1921 spaces undercover in the grounds of the airport itself, and a further 1366 other spaces just a 5 minute drive away. Regular bus and taxi arrivals are entirely possible to the airport and there is even a train connection which will speed you to the Hauptbahnhof in Salzburg City Centre in 15 to 20 minutes. 

Once you make your way to the departure gates in the airport, at first, you may feel that these are a little on top of each other – I certainly did! However, as you sit and watch other flights boarding, you will soon realise how adept the staff are at dealing with the flights from the airport. All-in-all, Salzburg Airport should leave you feeling totally relaxed and far less stressed than when you fly from other international airports. Truly the perfect beginning and end to your time spent in this delightful part of Austria!