Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tyrol or Tirol?

So how do you write it? Tyrol or Tirol? any trolls there? Naaaa, just yodeling Austrians. I gotta hand it to you. Tirol, or Tyrol is like a master piece of art. It's as if someone painted this beautiful region with a special paint brush, yes, it's called Photoshop. How on earth do you explain such amazing scenery? What was he thinking up there? God knows (get The snow is too white and the grass is too green. Even the cows are too pretty, makes you wanna milk 'em. Oh..and the women..they just happened to be all...perfect. I'm not going to say blond with blue eyes cause I saw those brunettes, oh boy...too good to be true. Do they yodel in bed? I think ill stop this post here before I violate some basic terms and condition's of this blog. Oh and I almost forgot, just want to leave you with some Tirol photos for you to enjoy.