Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas In Vienna

The Vienna Christmas Market is quite a sight to behold. Although it is cold, especially if the wind picks up, the color, lights and warm red wine are sure to warm you up and put the color back in your cheeks! Let me try to help you picture this Christmas market.

At night the warm yellow lights are breathtaking. One wonders how long it took to set it all up. Whatever the effort, it seems worth it. Everything is beautiful. Vienna provides the perfect backdrop to this wintery scene.

The wooden stands offering their wares just pull you in. It hard to know were to begin. There are homemade crafts and trinkets of all sizes and colors. The prices are good too, I especially loved the mugs and purchased one as a souvenir for myself. I will think of this Christmas market whenever I use it.

Whatever your tastes you are likely to find something that tickles your fancy. I love the intricate painted details almost every item wears. Ornaments in every color are hung by bright ribbons catch the reflection of countless lights. It truly is a wonderland and it captures the imagination. Not to be left out of course are the edible offerings made readily available. Warm red wines and toasted chestnuts are but a few examples. Then there are the sweeter treats, everything you would expect to find around this time of year. It was a memorable visit and one I would certainly recommend, as it won't soon be forgotten.