Friday, January 13, 2012

5 reasons to visit Austria (out of 3968 reasons)

Austria is a European country that is made up of 9 separate regions, all of which have something to offer people who choose to visit. If you’ve never been to Austria before or don’t know much about it, read on to find out about five reasons you should definitely consider going.

The climate

One of the reasons Austria is definitely worth visiting is the climate: generally, the climate is very temperate due to the location of the country. However, it is worth packing your waterproofs before you go as it can rain at any time of the year. The Alpine regions, which are known for their skiing, are characterised by long winters and so are colder than the rest of the country. By contrast, the east of the country tends to be warmer, have longer summers and less rain.

The variety

There’s also a huge variety of things to do in the country. From free festivals and free entry to many galleries and churches, there is plenty to do. Also, you could choose to visit the big cities such as Vienna, which are full of culture as you would expect from a major European city. Alternatively, you could go and visit the picturesque country regions if you’re after a relaxing sightseeing holiday.

The accommodation

Austria has lots of good accommodation, from big hotels to pretty Austrian Zimmers, which are similar to country inns or bed and breakfasts. There are currently around 40,000 tourist establishments in the country, so there is plenty of choice. This is also the country’s fastest growing industry so now is a great time to go to Austria.

The history

The country also has a long and exciting history, which makes it a wonderful place to explore, particularly if you are interested in museums, architecture and other culture. There have been human settlers in the region since around 8000BC. The country has also experienced a 640 year Habsburg dynasty as well as playing a crucial role in the 1st and 2nd World Wars, meaning it has an important place in both modern and ancient history.

The flora and fauna

All of Austria is full of wonderful flora and fauna; travelling through the countryside by train can be a good way to see as much of this as possible. However, the Alpine region in particular is notable for its range of flora, including the Alpine carnation and rose, making it a great area to visit if you are interested in nature.