Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Austrian Beer - Gosser Beer

So you like Beer? Me three, sorry, me too, a bit drunk here :)
What makes Austrian beer so good? I don't know. I guess its the tradition, the habits. The Austrians take beer very seriously. Its not a "Man" thing, and it isn't a kids "get drunk" game. Its simply a way of life. Austrian seem to be very loyal to their brands. As you know, Austria is divided into 9 states. Most states have their own beer. I dont mean the home made beer but rather the large commercial selling beer thats sells at everu supermarket in the aountry. The thing is, residents of one state will be loyal to their state made beer when comparing to the other states. Gosser Beer for instance comes from the the state called Styria. The Gosser Beer manufacturer has been making them since 1860. It has 5.2 volume of alcohol and has a bright blond color. The beer is branded in Green color as the state of Styria which is also known as Austria's green heart. Many consider as Austria's best beer and indeed, in my opinion it is certainly one of the best. I especially like the new lemon flavored Gosser beer that suddenly appears in every super market and disco club. It reminds me of an old Corona beer left in the sun for an hour, Haaa.
Gosser beer is also exported to many countries, so I guess some one's doing marketing right there. Well, to summarize...I really like Gosser Beer. Nothing more to add. Drink carefully.