Friday, November 1, 2013

Learn about Austria’s Famous Chocolatier

Mozart chocolate
Mirabelle's famous Mozart chocolate balls

If you ask any traveller who has been through Salzburg what the best Austrian chocolate is, they are likely to say ‘Mozartkugeln’. Although Mozartkugeln means ‘Mozart Balls’ I can assure you that they taste much better! This traditional Austrian delicacy is made by coating marzipan marbles in praline, and then adding a chocolate coating to form a seductive three-layer sweet that simply melts in your mouth.
These bite size delights were created in 1890 and coined by Salzburg’s master confectioner, Paul Furst. Mirabell chocolate has now expanded to meet insatiable demand; however, you can still visit their birthplace in Salzburg, learn about Furst and Mozart, and pick up some chocolaty souvenirs while you’re there. It’s pretty hard to get Mozartkugeln outside of Austria, there are a few Deli websites that will export them but people say that Salzburg city is only the place you can pick up an authentic Mozart Ball, so if you’re passing through the source, try to grab a handmade version. 

Mozart balls

The most popular and widely distributed Mozartkugeln are the ones made by Mirabell in Salzburg. They are an established Austrian brand, and follow Furst’s original recipe. They are also incidentally the only perfectly round versions of the sweet! The company have longstanding links with the International Mozarteum Foundation in the city, preserving Austrian heritage and educating people about the life and music of W. A. Mozart.

Mirabell boast that they have created 1.5 billion Mozart Balls, which would cover the earth circumference if laid side by side! I, however, recommend laying them side by side in your stomach, or taking them home for friends and family as something a little different, and quintessentially Austrian. If you want to rival Furst, and try making them at home, Mirabell have been kind enough to put some recipes up online for you to download. Mozartkugeln now come in several delicious flavours so do yourself a favour and get an assortment!