Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hotel Sacher in Salzburg: A Review

Take yourself back to the 1800’s and discover the charming city of Salzburg. Let the historic elegance follow you up the grand marble staircases and all the way to bed. At the Sacher, every single room is unique from the carpets to the artwork, and has an Austrian regality the emperor would envy. From crystal chandeliers to silk-lined walls, the place oozes a Baroque sophistication that dates back to its formation in 1866.

The grand hotel sits beautifully on the banks of the river Salzach and boasts stunning views over the old town and the castle from its terraces. The classic atmosphere spills out into all three of the hotel restaurants where award winning chefs serve up traditional Austrian delicacies. The jewel on the crown of a great Austrian breakfast full of specialities is the famous Sacher torte. The five-star service is excellent, and you will get to try things you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere. The dinner menu caters for vegetarians, the bar staff are skilled, and the coffee house is great if you’d like a pastry and refreshment in the afternoon.

The beds here are big and comfortable, and the location is choice. As well as the excellent views, many of Salzburg’s attractions are within a walking distance. It’s just a quick stroll into the heart of the old town, and an easy walk to the renowned Mirabelle Palace and Gardens, as well as the Museum Carolino-Augusteum.

Hotel Sacher’s strongest point is its history filled hallways and carefully fashioned Baroque style. Although the rooms include flat-screen TV’s, if you’re looking for a minimalistic and modern luxury hotel this might not be up your street, but the place certainly earns its stars. As you explore Mozart’s birthplace, go on a romantic horse-carriage ride, visit the museum of modern art, or even take a Sound of Music tour.