Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spare Some Time to Visit the Augarten Palace

The Augarten Palace
The Augarten Palace

The Augarten Palace or ‘Palais Augarten’ is a striking Baroque palace nestled in an old Jewish district of Vienna. It now serves as a boarding school for the Boys’ Choir of Vienna, and had retained its original sweeping appearance, decoration, and furnishings despite extensive damage caused by the Second World War.
The palace was designed and built in Austria’s popular Baroque period, nestled in a beautifully landscaped park that exists to this day. The Palace was a well-used place, and even featured a salon where some big names in music such as Wagner and Liszt came to hang out. Great balls for 18th  and 19th century aristocrats to dance the night away at were commonplace, and the largest party ever to be held Augarten Palace was the 1873 Viennese World Fair.
In the 20th century, the palace was occupied by the Austrian chancellor before being badly damaged in the war. Since 1948, however, the world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir has lived, practiced, and performed here, although the building itself is state owned.
The grounds contain a lively market, restaurant, and beautiful gardens as well as the palace and concert hall that was opened in 2012 especially for the choir. You will also find a porcelain museum and studio of contemporary art. The porcelain manufactory holds morning tours that many deem to be a hidden delight of their visit to the Palais Augarten. You can see the whole porcelain making process, and watch artists hard at work with their tiny brushes. Saturdays are an especially busy time in this area of Vienna, as the markets swell and tourists and locals gather to eat, drink and enjoy the landscape. An experience you will definitely find hard to beat on your wonderful trip to the Austrian capital.