Thursday, October 24, 2013

Discover the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

 Belvedere Palace in Vienna
The Belvedere Palace in Vienna

The Belvedere is a beautiful and historic set of palaces in Vienna. The grounds stretch for acres and are home to the palace stables, the Orangery, and the Belvedere museum. The whole landscape is quintessentially Baroque in style and littered with beautiful features, fountains, sculptures, and inside the palace, famous artwork.

The Upper palace was built in 1712 and the lower in 1717,
for Prince Eugene of Savoy who was part of the ruling dynasty during a period of economic success for Vienna and Austria, particularly after Prince Eugene won a series of Wars against the Ottoman Empire.

The palace still stands as a monument to this grand period of construction in Austria’s history, and on the walls hangs artwork, including Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, which continues the theme of rich heritage and creativity. Many people come to see the art alone, however the green palace gardens unfolding in a strict symmetry between the palaces are reason enough to visit, and from here you can take in a great view of the city. 

Before wandering the grounds it is advisable to visit the museum within the palace to learn all about the buildings and their inhabitants, including Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Archduke met his unfortunate end in Sarajevo, and many cite his assassination as the catalyst which began the First World War. Visit the palaces and enjoy the architecture of the Orangery and the Stables. Make sure you take a look at the impressive art collections beyond Klimt that Belvedere hosts, these include some brilliant modern exhibitions, and the stables now house over 150 objects of sacred medieval art, including panel painting and sculptures.

There are great places to eat and for kids to play here, and if you enjoy visiting Belvedere be sure to check out another astonishing Viennese palace –
Schönbrunn, in the south-western corner of Vienna.