Thursday, October 25, 2012

Knodl-Alm restaurant in Salzburg

Austria has so much to offer, it’s no wonder its visitors get hungry for some sustenance from time to time. And since Salzburg is one of the highlights for many people, it’s worth knowing a traditional ‘gasthaus’ called Knodl-Alm awaits you in Pichl-Kainisch.

We all long to find a restaurant that has everything – well this one comes pretty close to it. Fresh food, a warm welcome and even a distillery on site, what more could you ask for? No matter what time of day you read this, I guarantee you’ll feel your stomach responding to the mere idea of Alp-lamb and roast pork cooked in their wood fired oven. This is real Alpine goodness at its very best. The hardest part about visiting the Knodl-Alm is leaving!

They also make a point of serving a range of delectable dumplings all day long, so whatever time you visit you’ve got the opportunity to sample one of their most famous dishes. They’ve really gone all out to make the most of their menu, their surroundings and their service, and they haven’t fallen short in any respect at all.

When you’re out exploring this part of Austria you might think the best restaurants are in the heart of Salzburg itself. But while you’ll find some delights there, the Knodl-Alm gives all of them a serious run for their money. I reckon once you’ve tried it, you’ll be going back for more time and again while you’re in Austria. It’s certainly worth going out of your way for.

Knoppen 3, Pichl-Kainisch 8984, Austria
Tel: 43362421132