Friday, October 5, 2012

Ambras Castle – Watching Over Innsbruck

Ambras Castle Innsbruck

There are many things to do in Innsbruck, but one of the best is to climb the hills that hug the city and explore Ambras Castle. Known locally as Schloss Ambras, it has watched over the city for several hundred years, although a fort took its place before it was built. Indeed, it is thought some of the stone in the existing castle harks back to the original fort.

You don’t need to climb up to the castle to see it. It sits majestically above the city and was once owned by Archduke Ferdinand, whose name is still linked with it today. Indeed if you do visit the castle be sure to take a closer look at the Chamber of Art and Curiosities, which is apparently inspired by him and contains some of the items he collected during his lifetime.

As you can probably tell, this castle isn’t just a classic on the outside. It contains many delights and treasures too, many of which are on display for you to see. For example you can see dozens of paintings in the Upper Castle, including some by Titian among other well known names.

Ambras Castle is priceless in many ways – from the history of its occupants to the history of the items held within its walls today. From its armories to the splendid Spanish Hall, it has the power to make you view it in an entirely different way once you’ve been inside. Seeing it from below in Innsbruck is simply not enough for the average visitor who appreciates the history this castle has to share.

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