Friday, November 23, 2012

Things Worth Knowing Regarding Duty Free and Money for Austria

Currency and Duty Free in Austria

Most people are aware Austria uses the Euro, available in seven denominations of banknotes. There are eight coins to use too. It’s worth keeping a credit card on you as you can pay in many shops, hotels and restaurants in the larger cities and towns. Some smaller establishments will also accept cards.

Make sure you carry cash as well though, particularly if you’re staying in a quieter part of Austria. Travellers Cheques can be useful too if you’d rather have another alternative. Once you arrive at your destination, find the local ATM so you’re not caught short of cash. The best bet is to have a number of ways to pay instead of relying on just one form of payment. And never be left without any cash in your pocket at all – you never know when you might need some.

If you’re thinking of taking some duty free back home with you, there are no restrictions for anyone living in the EU. There are certain limits imposed for people buying duty free and taking it back home to a non-EU country, so check and see what is applicable for your area. It’s always better to check rather than be charged duty on excess items.