Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Eisenstadt is one of the smallest cities in Austria’s Burgenland, and also the provincial capital of the area. Burgenland itself is situated in the Eastern Austria at the border with Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. The area is known from its rich history and culture with Eisenstadt itself tracing roots back to Celtic and Roman eras. It later became an important part of Austro-Hungarian history and diplomatic. The city has been burnt down and rebuilt many times during the imperial conflicts of the age, but has since then remained largely unscathed. Testament of this is the Schloss Esterházy palace built in the 13th century and converted to its current form in the 18th century by the then Hungarian owners.

During modern times the palace was repurposed in other ways, as it became a tourist and cultural location. It houses several museums, and is adjacent to restaurants and other entertainment. The house also briefly housed a seat for local government during the turbulent years after Second World War. The building itself is known from the large dancehall, that was originally used to host festivals and banquets.  It is also ranked as one of the most acoustically perfect concert halls in the world. The gardens and countryside around the palace have always been frequented by painters, and naturally the site also hosts several galleries.  Murals, ceiling paintings and other art collections add to the internal and incorporated ones.  Tours are available onsite and this ancient castle often hosts classical concerts such as the Haydn Festival.

The city around the castle also dates back thousand years, and despite often hosting considerable political power it has remained in its small size. Like the castle near it the town therefore has lots to offer culturally and historically despite its small size.  The unique flair is what makes the place worth visiting for every traveler. Small peculiarities such as the local wine, gothic churches and even older castles, the old city and the warm and friendly inhabitants, make the place a sure hit for a weekend visit.  Hiking, cycling and walking around Lake Neusiedl presents the same beautiful countryside and nature that most of Austria is known.  It’s also possible to take a boat tour, or visit national parks around d the area. Good connections also guarantee easy access to other regional locations which make Eisenstadt perfect even for a longer visit.