Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Gorgeous Boat Trip Down the Danube

Danube boat trip

If you suffer from sea sickness like I do, a boat ride on a river, no matter how tranquil it may be advertised to be, may not appeal to your sensibilities. The fact that a celebrated 17th century composer immortalised the river in question by dedicating a beautiful piece of music to it, may shake your resolve for a second but you may still need more convincing! 

The fact is that a boat ride on the Danube can be an altogether numinous experience. It offers a way to experience and view Vienna in a way that is otherwise impossible. As you gently glide across this gorgeous and iconic river, and enjoy the sights, you can wave goodbye to your aversion to travelling on water. 

And if you are one of the luckier and more numerous people who do not suffer from this strange affliction, well then, you can dive straight into the pleasure of this unique experience! There are different cruises offered, and some boat rides allow you to visit Budapest and Bratislava and get back to Vienna on the very same day by coach, or return the next day by boat. The journey from Vienna to Budapest takes about 6 hours by boat. 

The day boat tour in Vienna, which we took, takes about three and half to four hours. You can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Danube Island and Danube Tower. The tour takes you through various parts of the city including Vienna Old Town, giving you the opportunity to see the various facets of Vienna in a completely new way. If you have spent the previous days exploring the city on foot, glimpsing it from this perspective can be a special treat. 

The sheer beauty of the views makes the entire experience worthwhile. If you return at sunset, you can watch the sun set over the city while the light glimmers and twinkles on the water, as you drift gently on this fabled river. And if you take a more informative tour, perhaps with some city hopping, such as the tour to Budapest, you can not only enjoy the sights, but also learn much more about this river that has witnessed so much of Europe’s history.

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