Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantastic Shopping Opportunities in Austria

Those who think that Austria for tourists and visitors, is mostly only about skiing, couldn’t be more wrong. If shopping is your thing then you are likely not to be disappointed on your Austrian holiday. Not many people may be aware of this – but Austria is more than a skiing paradise and cultural landmark, it’s also an amazing shopping destination! 

If you are heading on an Austrian holiday and have the hopes of turning it into a shopping break, your aspirations certainly will not be crushed. Not only will you witness world class shopping facilities, flaunting all the right names in retail and fashion, but may stumble upon shopping opportunities that are unique to Austria. Ultimately, you will be spoilt for choice. Right! Now on to the details. 

Every popular tourist destination is filled to the brim with ‘souvenir’ shops that stock all kinds of knick knacks, usually defined by the words, useless and overpriced. However, while you will encounter many of these, rest assured that you will also find many genuinely valuable and uniquely Austrian items. If you enjoy indulging in culinary culture, you may find Austrian liquors and wines, especially dessert wines, very interesting. If you are a foodie, do not miss Austrian speciality foods. Some good examples would be Austrian ginger bread known as Lebkuchen or the highly aromatic Styrian pumpkin seed oil. 

Coffee is another excellent thing to invest in while in Austria. Austria, of course, is not a coffee growing country, but the fact that Austrians adore coffee may have something to do with the quality coffee being available in abundance here. Another item related to food and drink, that you can pick up are cook books, of which you will find many, especially in old book shops and flea markets. 

Austria has an immensely rich cultural heritage, and is well known for antiques, artefacts and different crafts. Austrian glass and porcelain are renowned across the world, so if you like a locally made glass ornament, be assured that it will be top quality. 

This is just a tiny glimpse into the world of unique shopping opportunities in Austria. If you prefer more mainstream high street shopping, there are no shortage of world class malls and boutiques in Vienna and other major cities across the country.