Sunday, September 16, 2012

Visiting the Alpenzoo in Innsbruck Austria

Alpen Zoo in Innsbruck

Do you fancy heading to Innsbruck in Austria? Zimmers in Innsbruck are easy enough to find, and you’ll certainly have lots to do while you’re there – not least visiting the Alpenzoo.

We recommend:
… visiting from June onwards. By this time most of the baby animals will have been born, so you might just see one or two with their proud parents. Breeding is all part of the plan at the Alpenzoo.

I saw:
… an incredible selection of animals, plants and birds used to living in the Alpine area. Think of the zoo as the perfect capsule of Alpine life, flora and fauna represented in dozens of different species. It also provides a totally different experience in winter as it does in the summer. Think deep snow or lush green scenery and you’ll get the idea.

We tasted:
Getting hungry? Head for the Dohlennest food and drink kiosk for a snack, or go for the Weiherburg restaurant and café for something a bit more substantial. Remember, the zoo is situated in the Alpine area, so be prepared to get tired and aching leg muscles as you negotiate the pathways. Stash a drink or two in your bag and the odd snack too, in case you get peckish a distance from the Dohlennest kiosk.

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